Self-Love Artwork

I don’t do much work on canvas, but lately I’ve been getting the urge to do more so I honoured the calling resulting in this, what may be for some, a rather raw outburst of expression…..
I’ve called it “Self-Love”, and what may be the beginning of a series of self-love paintings I want to work on…

‘Self-Love’ acrylics & oil pastels on canvas 80 x 80 cms

As for ‘self-love’, in doing and subsequently posting this, I realize that self-love is not just the act being portrayed….it’s the act of actually painting it, stepping out of my comfort zone, allowing myself to feel and express in the purest way, uninhibited, uncensored, without judgement.
It’s the practice of unleashing one’s true essence. There is such freedom in this. A freedom of expression for which I have long been searching and longing. It came unexpectedly and the only thing I could, HAD to, do was act upon it or else I wouldn’t, couldn’t, rest. I just let it flow and express through me…

Art….is not just about the art product….it’s about the process, living it, living the life of an artist, with all that entails….
© Lena Blonsky/ Lenochka B Artworks


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