Photo project: 100 Strangers [#1]

I love taking pictures of people, and I especially love taking pictures of people I just meet, of strangers. But as a shy person, I find it extremely difficult opening up and asking for complete strangers their permission to photograph them. My fear is that they will react negatively and, ultimately, reject me.

I recently heard of the 100 Strangers project that a photographer embarked upon and which helped him overcome his own obstacles and learn by doing. There is, in fact, a community of photographers on Flickr who have embarked on the project and who help each other with constructive feedback to help other photographers improve their technique and method.

The 100 Strangers ethos is learning by doing. It is not a race to collect 100 pictures.

Excitedly I decided that this is something I would like to try out, something that would give me an incentive and a ‘reason’ to present to strangers as to why I might choose to photograph them.

And so, I found my first opportunity during my summer vacation as I was touring the Southern Peloponnese.

Katy became the first volunteer stranger of my own 100 Strangers project. I saw her one day on a beautiful beach in Mani, she too was with her own camper, which was as charming and endearing as she, we got talking and actually hit it off really well!


Katy is from the UK and recently moved to Greece to live. A free spirit, she embraces change and the challenges that life throws at her with grace and a smile! I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier ‘subject’ for my project! It really was no effort and a great pleasure to photograph her and get to send her some images when I got back home.





The best thing of all is that I think I made a lovely new friend!

Thanks Katy!



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