My name is Lena [or by my Russian name, Lenochka, as those close to me call me] Blonsky. I was born in the UK (London) to parents of Greek and Russian descent, moving to Athens when I was four where I have lived most of my life now except for when I attended boarding school in the UK to complete my secondary and high school education, attended a fashion course at the London School of Fashion and worked for another year at Aquascutum of London before returning to Greece where I (to cut a long story short) eventually ended up working on cruise ships, traveling the world, getting married and having a family all while studying and practicing interior design. Parallel to this my creative spirit has relentlessly nudged me to dive into the arts where over the course of the years I’ve also applied my designs to hand-knotted rugs and handcrafted cement tiles.

My main creative focus now is mixed media art on wood with pyrography. A technique that creates a unique “please touch me” result. Alongside this, I am enjoying exploring photography, which has become a wonderful tool that helps me observe our colourful world in greater detail.

In truth, and when I think about it, everything creative I’ve ever done (including my interest in colour therapy and symbolism) has been because of my love [or more accurately, addiction] to colour.

My application of colour has always been primarily intuitive, especially so when it comes to my artwork.

I have a conversation with it. For me, it’s more about experiencing it.

This blog serves as a journal where I can occasionally document and share my creative work in art, design and photography as well as my research in of colour in all its manifestations.

Thank you for your interest and I wish you a life of vibrant colour,

Lenochka B.