100 Strangers #2

I came across Dimitra off a little street close to Acropolis metro. The whole scene caught my breath….besides her light and beauty that stopped me in my tracks, her colours and the colours of what she was wearing combined with the background wall just clicked. I walked past at first as she was with a friend, my shyness getting the better of me, but then I turned back and faced my fear of approaching strangers and opened up to her. She was only too pleased to be photographed and she was the perfect model. Each click, each pose pure perfection. Thank you Dimitra 😘 It’s amazing what gifts and joy are available to you when you open your heart 💛



‘The Gift’ – an illustration of Athena and Poseidon

My latest pyrography artwork, ‘The Gift’, (completed just before Christmas) was created in cooperation with children’s book author Mrs Yota Kotsauti at Ένα κείμενο, μία εικόνα to illustrate the story of the Greek gods Athena and Poseidon Continue reading “‘The Gift’ – an illustration of Athena and Poseidon”