The Evil Eye – Its Meaning, Colours and Design

In Greece where I live one of the most influential motifs is the Evil Eye, a symbol prevalent not only in Mediterranean cultures but one which is found in several other cultures and religions around the world. Continue reading “The Evil Eye – Its Meaning, Colours and Design”

How do we see colours?

In my explanation of how we perceive colours, I will try and keep things as simple as possible because one can get lost in the physiological and anatomical analysis of the eye! Continue reading “How do we see colours?”

The Colourful LEGO House – a child’s dream comes true

Architect Bjarke Ingels of bjarke ingels group realized an architect’s dream when he was called upon to design and create the incredible LEGO House, now open to the public since fall 2017 in Billund, Denmark where this classic toy was invented! Continue reading “The Colourful LEGO House – a child’s dream comes true”