Colour Batching Instagram Posts

I have long admired the profiles of photographers and visual artists who colour-theme their posts creating a pleasing and innately satisfying backdrop and cadre through which they present their work. So it seems that I have inadvertently begun doing this myself! 😆 I assure you it was quite unintentional when I first started posting these minimalist and in some cases somewhat abstract photos on Instagram and I’m not sure how long it will last… but I will do my best to keep to a colour theme for nine images which means it’s best to visit my Instagram profile and see them all together as I post them (likely in 3s as I’ve been doing so far). One thing for sure is that I am thoroughly enjoying it and it makes me more observant of elements and colours around me. I also go back and look at my past photos with a new eye. Hope you enjoy!


How do we see colours?

In my explanation of how we perceive colours, I will try and keep things as simple as possible because one can get lost in the physiological and anatomical analysis of the eye! Continue reading “How do we see colours?”