I hand-painted my coffee table

I’d been meaning to do this for some time but, as always, finding the time to do things for yourself is always a challenge! This is a coffee table I had had custom made years ago from my own design. For a long while, I had left the wood natural. Continue reading “I hand-painted my coffee table”

How Gaudi’s mosaics inspired my Barcelona Sun design

Gaudi’s colorful, whimsical and fantastical designs and decorations – in particular his mosaic surface decorations- have long been a favorite of mine providing me with tons of inspiration. Continue reading “How Gaudi’s mosaics inspired my Barcelona Sun design”

The Evil Eye – Its Meaning, Colours and Design

In Greece where I live one of the most influential motifs is the Evil Eye, a symbol prevalent not only in Mediterranean cultures but one which is found in several other cultures and religions around the world. Continue reading “The Evil Eye – Its Meaning, Colours and Design”