The Greek Collection: Amalia

Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on the lady in the background pictured below and which finally marks the definitive beginning of a whole series/collection I want to create, namely, The Greek Collection. Continue reading “The Greek Collection: Amalia”

The Evil Eye – Its Meaning, Colours and Design

In Greece where I live one of the most influential motifs is the Evil Eye, a symbol prevalent not only in Mediterranean cultures but one which is found in several other cultures and religions around the world. Continue reading “The Evil Eye – Its Meaning, Colours and Design”

The history of Gold [video]

Beginning from the gold vault beneath the Bank of England Dr James Fox takes us on a fascinating journey looking at the history of gold from its discovery, significance and applications in Ancient Egypt followed by Christianity, its evolution into a symbol of power and status to the present day. Continue reading “The history of Gold “