Photography Exhibition: Anna and her experience with breast cancer & subsequent mastectomy

A selection of photographs from my photoshoots with my friend Anna Demirtzi will be on exhibit at the Imvrian Association in Nea Smyrni on Sunday 9th June at 11:30-13:30 and 18:00-21:00. Continue reading “Photography Exhibition: Anna and her experience with breast cancer & subsequent mastectomy”

The Face of Depression

Plonked myself down in front of my camera yesterday to practice some lighting positions and poses. Quite a feat for me as I am definitely my own worst critic when confronting myself in photographs. It seemed quite the worst thing to do at this time since I am going through another bout of depression. Continue reading “The Face of Depression”

Photo project: 100 Strangers [#1]

I love taking pictures of people, and I especially love taking pictures of people I just meet, of strangers. But as a shy person, I find it extremely difficult opening up and asking for complete strangers their permission to photograph them. My fear is that they will react negatively and, ultimately, reject me. Continue reading “Photo project: 100 Strangers [#1]”