A time-lapse video: making my tortoise relief art table top.

Well, it turns out I had made several videos whilst working on my latest tabletop, which means I got to make a decent time-lapse video as I design and work with the pyrograph making and painting it. Enjoy! Continue reading “A time-lapse video: making my tortoise relief art table top.”

Making of ‘Playing with my Demons’ – timelapse video

My latest artwork involving mixed media on wood with pyrography, to which I gave the title of “Playing with my Demons”. Continue reading “Making of ‘Playing with my Demons’ – timelapse video”

The history of Gold [video]

Beginning from the gold vault beneath the Bank of England Dr James Fox takes us on a fascinating journey looking at the history of gold from its discovery, significance and applications in Ancient Egypt followed by Christianity, its evolution into a symbol of power and status to the present day. Continue reading “The history of Gold “